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E Clip

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E–Clip is a psy progressive oriented project created by Marko Radovanovic aka Radule from Belgrade (Serbia). Marko has been working in psytrance music since 2002 when he was working on his full-on project called Beyondecliptica and released the full lenght album «Groove Technologies» for Medusa Records (Greece). In 2009 he started to work on his psy-progressive project and E-Clip was born. The first track „Altittude“ and remix on „Nok - multistop“ have been released immediately and Marko decided to work hard on next tracks. Within 5 months he arranged 10 more tracks to be released on major trance labels such as IONO Music, Blue Tunes, Spintwist, Oxygen, Prog-On-Syndicate, YSE an many more. In january 2010, Marko has joined the IONO Music family.

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