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ELECTRO ESTHETICA - essentially a new vision on the dance floor with a new quality of sound. A non conventional approach to the sound processing heads the creative ideas. The original sounding of the project balances across different genres. Hard rhythm and electric basis are combined with a progressive sound, melodious vocal and electronic aesthetics. Creativity of project plunges the listener to travel in the imagined worlds, absorbing a dynamic drive and immersing splashes of emotions in euphoria.

The musical stylistics are constructed on hybrid sets of compilations in Tech Trance and Hard Trance. The main part of this project is Sergey Cascade, a DJ/Producer with creative & musical ideas.

Earlier in the past, Sergey has been successfully broadcasting his radio-show “Electro Esthetica” on the leading Moscow dance radio station “Megapolis FM” (89.5 FM) until he realized that for more than a year of weekly rotations he has outgrown the station musical format and has since directed himself to development abroad.

Today he can be heard regularly on the “Electro Esthetica” trance radio-show broadcasting compositions elaborately matched and selected from the best material which in combination with the project original tracks are aired by the radio stations around the world.

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