Headstrong feat. Kate Smith

Headstrong feat. Kate Smith

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Headstrong is the eponymous debut release and sole album of the band of the same name. It was released on RCA Records in 2002 and proved to be the group’s only album before disbanding the following year.

The band chose Dan Brodbeck , the same man behind their demo, to produce the album in their native land of London, Ontario. Headstrong features one single in «Adriana,» which reached #15 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks and had a music video. Its style features elements of hip hop and funk intertwined with metal and has been compared to bands like Rage Against the Machine, 311, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Prior to the release of Headstrong, the band toured through Canada from November to December 2001.[1] Following its release, they performed with Tommy Lee before being curiously pulled from touring in July 2002. The following month they were dropped by RCA Records.

Headstrong received mixed reviews. Brian O’Neill of AllMusic described it as «a decidedly Caucasian rap-rock mélange that sounds like it’s been heard before, but only because it has.» However, Robin Steeley of Music Reviewer gave the album 6/10, noting that it «features dynamic production and skilled instrumentation.»[3] CANOE’s Mike Ross also showed a mixed but overall positive reaction:
«For all the cryptic complaining from a singer who sounds like the guy from Soul Coughing when he raps and like every other wigga in the ‘hood when he shouts, this is a powerful rap-metal offering that puts shame to all that came before it - or at least adds maturity to a particularly obnoxious and posturing musical genre. . . With inventive production and instrumentation throughout, Headstrong is intelligent rap-metal, if such a thing is possible.»

Matt Kinna - vocals
Jon Cohen - bass guitar
Joel Krass - guitar
Brian Matthews - drums
Dan Brodbeck - producer
Jack Joseph Puig - mixing

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