Gabriel Batz

Gabriel Batz

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2005 marked the introduction of a talented Canadian, from Guatemalan descent, new comer to the electronic dance music scene, Gabriel Batz.

Originating from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Gabriel Ernesto Batz-Hernandez opted for a career as a professional tennis player, but his love for the game of tennis was quickly replaced and pushed aside by his other passion: music.

As long as he can remember, music has played an essential part in his life. Raised by deep melodic new age music, it is electronic dance music that captured his heart the most. From a very early age, his father introduced him to ambient and atmospheric music, styles that would eventually shape Gabriel Batz’s ear and vision to what music should. He would listen for hours to his father’s vast collection of records on old belt-driven Technics turntables. At that time, he started to DJ and felt that making people dance was way more.

His admiration for dance floor driven baselines, progressive house, techno and atmospheric breaks soon led him to the studio where he discovered his own unique style. His sound can be described as a fresh, sophisticated blend of looped rhythms, deep melodies, hypnotic grooves and pounding progressive electro baselines.

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