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The Outsiders(American Band)
The Outsiders was an American rock and roll band from Cleveland, Ohio, that was founded and led by guitarist Tom King. The band is best known for its Top 5 hit «Time Won’t Let Me» in early 1966, which peaked at #5 in the US, but the band had three other hit singles in 1966 and released a total of four albums in the mid-1960s.

Allmusic described the act’s style: «Part of the secret behind the Outsiders’ musical success lay in the group’s embellishments [with horns and strings], which slotted in perfectly with their basic three- or four-piece instrumental sound. . . . [H]owever bold and ambitious they got, one never lost the sense of a hard, solid band sound at the core. With Geraci’s magnificent singing out front, it was impossible for anyone with an ear for soul not to love how this group sounded, on their album tracks as well as their singles.

The Outsiders (British band)

The Outsiders were an early British punk rock group from Wimbledon, England. Their debut LP, Calling On Youth, was the first self-released punk album in the UK.

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